Ana Banon was born in Lisbon in 1980 and grew up in one of the most charismatic neighborhoods of the city, Alfama. Since an early age, Ana was always very creative and it was in the world of creation that she felt complete.

At the age of 12 she had her first drawing lessons, and later on, at the age of 15, she started her academic career in Visual Arts. By the age of 17 she had already participated in several exhibitions between Portugal and Spain.

Ana always sought to deepen her artistic knowledge through courses and training, in order to develop and educate herself in this area. She kept in touch with schools and art institutes for several years.
At that time, as an amateur, the artist decided to pause her passion in 2007 even though she still felt connected to art and that was her destiny.

In 2020, she decided to return professionally, full time to art and to the improvement of her skills, in that sense, and in order to upgrade her training, the artist joined the "Mastery Program" an intensive course for professional artists, through the American Institute of Fine Arts "Milan Art Institute", where she obtained her most recent graduation. In this course, she found her unique voice and her way of being in Art.


As an artist, her biggest goal is to be authentic and true, without fear of revealing her true self.
With her works she intends to encourage, give recognition and value to all women, as such, she paints confident, joyful, true, brave and genuine women, who regardless of their status, race, age or creed matter equally.

Ana believes that despite what they may have suffered, been devalued or wronged, they are beautiful and deserve the recognition of the beauty and depth that is being a Woman.
As an act of greatest Courage she says, "Courage is to be authentically and genuinely Myself".




The artist, spends most of her time in the Studio developing her unique style and deepening her voice in art.
Her creative process begins with researching images of women that speak to her heart, drawing them in the way she interprets them.

Ana is inspired by feminine beauty. By the grandeur of being a woman and what that implies in a society still somewhat focused on men.

Recently, Ana started to develop a line of abstracts, because she believes that being "undefined" in the eyes of many, is actually being unique in itself.

Her palette is in itself a Strong Statement, as it is characterized by strong and cheerful colors, which are unlikely to be confused with another artist.
Through her search for more authenticity and equality in this world, she invites her viewers to enter a new plane of self-worth.

Her paintings can be described as Abstract Realism, with everyday elements portraying an atmosphere of harmony and unification that connects in a special way women, but also all those who somehow feel they have no voice.